Friday, August 06, 2010

Jammin' with Schubert (Blogger Avatar)

I love Schubert. His "Unfinished" Symphony (No. 8 in B minor, for those keeping track) is always a favorite of mine. The above caricature illustrates me in one of my symphonic frenzies. I know it's a couple of years old (notice the date), but not much has changed; I still twirl around my # 2 Ticonderogas at the sound of a symphony - even an unfinished one. (Pun!) The bass clef and notes (behind my big head) were taken from the actual score. It's the same melody you hear when Tom Cruise is fooling around with his fancy super-computer in the movie Minority Report, if you're wondering.

Like a conductor waves his baton to make an orchestra come alive with sound, so does an animator with his pencil, bringing life to an otherwise lifeless drawing on a piece of paper. I was always of the opinion that, if music and animation aren't somehow married to each other, at the very least they'd have to be sharing a bed over the weekends. Something incredibly orgasmic is happening between those notes/frames. And no, it's not a blur 'tween.

Anyway, before I analogize any further, enjoy my new (old) avatar!

- Louie D.