Monday, February 06, 2012

BG and Layouts

Some thumbnails and layouts for backgrounds, including some character staging and color studies:

I love concave perspective!

But I will put up some fully-rendered BG's in the future - involving more styles as well. Can't wait!

Toon Cleanup

Characters . . . in the clean (and some in color):

For this page of my updated print portfolio, I tried to put emphasis on the more current cartoon styles in American TV. Either way, I plan to diversify even further on my next update. . .

Props and vehicles:

The same thing goes for style on this one. The 'scorpion buggy' is my favorite (a personal creation). But I can't believe I forgot to draw a rocket ship to go with that ray gun!

Toon Sketches

Cartoon characters, in the raw . . .

These are but a few of what I'm planning to put out. Some old, some new; all the same, they're all my characters. So. . . no touchy! But they'll be time for 'fan art' as well, with proper credit going where credit is due. And, as long as the credit thing is honored, I always welcome fan art of my own work - hint, hint.

Animal Drawings

The other part of the life drawing section of my updated portfolio, involving the non-human variety:

. . . and, again, there will be more!

People Drawings

Great to be back!

Starting off again with some quick sketches and gestures of people, both on-location and in-studio. First part of my newly updated portfolio, version 1.0:

. . . and there will be more!