A short short contrived in school and recently expanded, featuring B/W cinematography with strong cast shadows and contrast - an integral component of the story. This is my tribute to the great Mary Shelley classic of the late 19th century and the movies which she has inspired in the early half of the 20th century (not excluding the lovable spoof done by Mel Brooks in the late 70's). Of course, my take on the concept is not without  clever cartoon conventions, as it has its fair share of comedic wild takes and never-failing-to-fail ACME products. A typical approach to animated cartoons reminiscent of Tex Avery and Chuck Jones of the Golden Era of American cartoons, during and post WWII. But enough history! Enjoy:

I may expand further after this little "cliffhanger." Stay tuned!


Something else originally created in school that recently took on a life of its own - perhaps even the start of an entire series. Still working on the overall premise of the show. For now, these sample pilot scenes help establish the central character, Angel, before the real troubles in his otherwise mundane life actually begin. Exposition still pending, in other words. Shouts out to Clinton and Brandon, who along with myself completed the original production team. Enjoy: